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Runs from Friday July 8 2022 to Friday July 8 2022

Approximate running time: 2 hours

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Friday, July 8, 2022 • 7:30 PM
Tickets*: $26 | Half Price Youth - 17 & Under

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Hosted By Landmark Conservancy Campaign to Restore the Brownstone Trail

Created by Ed Willet & Betty Ferris, Dear Earth: A Love Song-Letter of Hope pulls original music from the deep, creative well of BCO songwriters and ignites the Blue Canvas Orchestra in song stories of inspiration, courage, and perseverance. This original program, which debuted in 2021, celebrates the fascinating and unexpected tales of some of the game changing thinkers, authors, and conservationists from Wisconsin and beyond. Among the many stories contained in this multimedia concert experience, a well deserved spotlight is shown on Wisconsin’s own Gaylord Nelson, the "happy boy" from Clear Lake who grew up to birth the grand idea of a nationwide Environmental Teach-In, a day still celebrated each April 22 around the world as 'Earth Day’.

Featuring: Ed Willet, Betty Ferris, Severin Behnen, Jack Gunderson, Vince Osborn, Molly Otis, Randy Sabien, Tom Mitchell, and Danielle Diamond

*Plus applicable taxes and fees:

  • 5.5% State and local sales tax
  • $3 Facility Fee per ticket (facility fee is used for tent, building, and grounds needs)
  • 2% Handling Fee per order, up to a maximum of $8
  • "All-In Gate Pricing" Purchases at the gate (totaled with taxes and fees) will be rounded up to the nearest dollar to expedite the line
  • No refunds or exchanges for any shows

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